Height Increasing Insoles

Height Increasing Insoles

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Convenient, easy, fast, comfortable and a discreet way to be taller!

Being taller has never been so easy with our height increasing insoles! The more conventional ways to grow taller such as stretching and diet can take a long time to take effect and even then there is no guarentee that you will increase your height if your body has stopped growing and your growth plates have fused together the effects. But with our insoles you can be 2 inches taller instantly!

Being tall is improtant in both sport such as basketball aswell as in social circumstances, helping you get that job and get peopels respect!

  • Get +2 inches more height instantly
  • Light air cushioned design that will supprot your feet in a natural position  for height and comfort all day long
  • Hidden out of sight out of mind which makes them better than elevator shoes as nobody can guess you have got them on.
  • Inserts easily and without problems into ANY pair of shoes.
  • A great confidence boost.
  • Can be combined with stretches to improve your posture helping you to get even taller!

If you are looking form some insoles that can be adjusted in height then we would recommend that you check out our Adjustable heel lifts.


David | 3 reviews

Did more than just increase my height.. these things have really really improved my life! Man it was really getting me down and depressed being the height I was which was around 5 ft6 now with tall boots on am around 5ft 9 and really has made a huge difference am no longer so self conscious about myself and have more self esteem than ever! Just to buy my second pair for my other boots! Got to say had to buy the smaller heel lifts though for my normal trainers as these ones would only fit in my boots because they are so wide and big. So if your wanting something lightweight and not too wide and bulky get the heel lifts instead.
Niel | 3 reviews

Tried absolutely everything to try and make myself taller.. and when I say everything I mean everything. Bought these finally and wish I bought them sooner! They are fantastic. So comfortable and I love how they are hidden away so nobody can tell that you have them on (They are a bit of a random thing anyway so I doubt anyone would guess either). One thing though to note is that you need a pretty wide shoe to put these in. I found I could only wear these in my boots and not my normal shoes. So I would suggest that you should buy the heel lift inserts from here instead if you are wanting to wear them with normal shoes or trainers but apart from that they are super! Made me a lot taller!!!!!!!
kyle Newman | 3 reviews

Brilliant! Before I found these I used to wear elevator shoes which were uncomfortable (probably were damaging my feet when wearing them as well) and people used to comment about how tall the heels were on them... I dont get this anymore. These insoles are really comfortable to wear and even though 2 inches doesn't sound like much it really does make a difference, trust me. I now wear these everyday without any complaints

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