Gel Toe Protectors

Gel Toe Protectors

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Gel toe protectors offer all round comfort and protection to your toes. If you have got shoes that are too big for you or just don’t quite fit properly this can cause your feet to move around which can cause friction on your toes as your toes rub against the sides of your shoes this can separate the skin and cause the separated layers of skin to fill up with liquid resulting in a blister. Friction and pressure like this can also cause bunions to develop. Our toe protectors protect your your feet helping prevent friction to the toes and the gel helps deplete pressure away from your toes and absorbs shock. Tight fitting shoes can also be a problem too. Tight fitting shoes can push your toes into a position they were not designed to be in pressure can cause bunions to develop. Bunions develop in response to the pressures on the toes however this can cause the shoes to become even tighter. Protecting the toes from pressure therefore is very important.

If you suffer from hammers toes where your toes are crooked in shape and buckle upwards then your toes are else able to support your feet and you are at greater risk of developing pain in your toes as well as bunions, corns and blisters. Toe protectors help to restore anatomical imbalances which can cause hammer toes or cause the hammer toes to get worse. Check out our blog post about hammer toes here.

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Jim | 1 reviews

I was suffering really bad with a really bad bunion on my big toe which made walking in my shoes really not nice. Every time I wore my shoes the friction would really cause loads of irritation and inflammation which made things loads worse. But along with changing my shoes to some a bit bigger and using these to protect my big toe the bunion has more or less gone in a couple of days! Worked great for me!

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