Adjustable Gel Heel Lifts
Adjustable Gel Heel Lifts

Adjustable Gel Heel Lifts

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The most discreet and comfortable way to increase your height. Adjust the layers to the height you want, it is that easy!

  •     Made to be as discreet as possible.
  •     An affordable and INSTANT way to be taller
  •     Your in control with adjustable stacks (add layers quickly and easily for more height whenever you want).
  •     Put them in your favorite shoes. Easily placed inside just about any type of shoe.
  •     Comfortable. Lightweight gel helps absorb shock, supports the feet in a natural and comfortable position meaning the heel lifts are comfortable to wear.

Get more confidence and get taller with our adjustable height increasing gel heel lifts today!

Simply put these insoles inside your shoes and automatically you will be 1-3inches taller depending on how many stacks you add onto them! Adjust the heels to a height you are comfortable with quickly and easyily with the stack system that's all there is to them!

Heel lifts were first used as a way of helping correct leg length discrepancy, however since the lifts were first used people have now found another use for them, height increase!
Made from gel which helps protect your feet by absorbing shock and provide stability and support where you need it most, the gel will also help to cushion the feet which will relieve the feet from any pressure that may accumulate under the foot by spreading pressure from off the heel and sole of your foot which means that you can wear these lifts in your shoes all day without any aches or pains. Simply slip these lifts into any of your existing shoes, adding more layers for more height whenever you want!

Unlike elevator shoes or High heels with obvious tall heels nobody will be able to tell with our heel lifts. People wont have any idea how you are getting your extra height as these lifts are discreet and hidden in your shoes so nobody will know!

Gregg | 1 reviews

These insoles are a real life saver that what they are! Being a man and 5 ft 4 its hard to get noticed by girls... in fact its hard to find girls smaller than you. But thanks to these insoles I am now 5 ft8 (wearing them in big boots too) which has really helped!!! So happy!! :D If your small definitely without doubt try these, you wont regret it and nobody can see them in your shoes so you wont get laughed or anything!

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