Ankle Support Sports Brace

Ankle Support Sports Brace

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In sport there is always an increased risk of spraining or damaging the ankle. Ankle supports help to greatly reduce this risk. Designed to be as lightweight as possible whilst also providing flexible and adaptive support, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing sport.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for sports, running or everyday use.
  • Lasting support and compression helps to encourage the supporting function and action of the ligaments found in the ankle whilst restricting movement and twisting which maybe unnatural and could potentially cause damage.
  • Wearing them can help with the recovery process of a sprain by helping keep the blood circulated.
  • Provides compression, protection and support to the Achilles tendon helping combat against over exertion and over stretching (with the risk of this occurring greater when playing sport) of the Achilles tendon this is important as the Achilles tendon is connected to the plantar fascia, when the Achilles tendon becomes tight this also tightens the plantar fascia which can lead to other problems such as plantar fasciitis and foot cramps.
  • The supports can be worn for long periods without worry of irritation or chaffing on the ankle.
  • Reduces the risk of inversion and enversion injuries by restricting harmful movement of the ankle.
  • Used to help prevent and ease ankle pain and sports injuries such as achilles tendinitis and protects the heel from shocks and pressure to help combat against heel pain.
  • Help stabilize your ankle and gives you better balance.
  • Improves proprioception of the ankle by enhancing the sensory feedback of the sensory nerve found in the ankle which in turn helps you better know where you ankle joint is without looking at it, this results in an improved balance and awareness of the placement of your ankle reducing the risk of sprains.
  • Made from breathable soft cotton material with elastic stretch.
  • Easily adjusted to the right fit and does not move about when worn.
  • Can be worn on the left or right ankle.

These supports are recommended by physiotherapists to help prevent and help aid with recovery of injury to the ankle such as tendinitis, fractures and sprains by improving the function and natural movement of the ankle.

Mike | 2 reviews

I have pretty weak ankles which affects my balance and control in football. Started wearing these ankle supports and they have helped me considerably by giving me more balance by making me much more grounded plus they stop you twisting your ankle to which can be a nightmare for footballers like me! Also these are really high quality was quite surprised when I got them in the post wasn't expecting them to be this well made for the price!
John | 2 reviews

Simple yet really effective. I went for these as they were the cheapest I could find... and I just needed something quickly to help with my twisted ankle. Despite them being so cheap they are surprisingly good. Have helped me since twisting my ankle loads whilst playing football a couple weeks back! I am now back on my feet but I am still wearing them because they have helped my really poor balance by keeping my feet grounded. I wear them all the time now, I couldn't go without them. A+++

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