Strutz Arch Supports

Strutz Arch Supports

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Playing sport or just simply being on your feet for long periods can play havoc on your arches of your feet and cause discomfort and pain. You also run the risk of inflaming the plantar fascia causing plantar fasciitis.

Strutz arch supports can give your feet fast orthotic arch support quickly when ever you need it.. whether your wearing shoes or not!

All you have to do is slip the strutz around your feet and make sure that the foot pad rests on the arch of your foot. The foot pad has been designed to provide shock absorption to stop shocks as you run and walk from causing damage to the plantar fascia (Did you know over time small microscopic tissue damage can weaken the plantar fascia making the arch of the foot more susceptible to arch pain and plantar fasciitis).

Made with a cushioning arch foot pad that helps support your arch and reduce stress and strain on the arch aswell as absorbing shock and stopping overuse of the the plantar fascia when running. Which is also great if your plantar fascia has been weakened and cannot support your weight.

  • Helps correct motion and pronation of your feet as your walk making your feet roll better and more efficient at shifting weight. This in turn eases stress on the heel, ball of the foot and arch reducing the risk of injury to the foot.

  • Eases tightness and prevent over stretching of the arch that can results in PF.

  • Straps on to your feet securely and doesn’t move around in your shoes.

  • Helps stabilize the heel.

  • Absorbs shock!

  • Helps prevent or ease pain from Plantar fasciitis which can cause a lot of pain in the arches and heels.

  • Light weight and can be worn with any of your favourite shoes!

  • Helps restore biomechincal balance in your feet, for instance having high arches or flat feet can cause the arches not to be able to support themselves properly leading to a increased risk of inflaming the plantar fascia.

  • Aids in the recovery of plantar fasciitis by keeping pressure off your arches, as well as preventing plantar fasciitis in the first place by spreading concentrated pressure from damaging the ligaments, muscles and joints in your feet.

  • One size fits all!

  • Affordable, with full built in protection and support so there really is no need to by any more expensive shoe inserts!

  • One get one strut for each foot!

  • If you are not 100% you can get a full refund!

  • Fast delivery, order on weekdays before 3pm and get your strutz dispatched the same day!


Phillip | 1 reviews

I wear these instead of shoes when I am at home on the exercise bike to stop the pedals digging into my feet giving me niggling arch pain which always happens no matter how I pedal. These solve that problem straight away and means im not walking around the house in muddy trainers messing up the carpet.. plus they are more light weight to wear than trainers. Really pleased with them. The straps last for around 3 months then you need to buy a new pair because the strap does wear away...

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