3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles

3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles

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These orthotic insoles are perfect if you play a lot of sports but at the end of the day you have sore feet because of overuse. Because the orthotics are ¾ in length means that they are easily inserted into any of your shoes and lightweight too so you can play sports and at the same time protect and support your feet with no hassle.

The way the arch support works is simple yet very effective. Can be used for everyday purposes or sports and running! Provide even support by the use of efficient orthotic technology which have made specifically to help elevate tension and stress away from areas susceptible to damage and irritation. Grips your feet stopping movement and reducing friction to help get rid of blisters. Available in a range of shoe sizes so everyone can enjoy better more supported feet! If you suffer from over pronation or even under pronation when walking or running these arch support insoles provide a easily way which work with the function and natural design of you feet to ensure a more comfortable run or you can use these inserts as well to help better stabilize Excessive pronation when running or even walking can cause problems and cause excess stress and tension to build up in parts of your body even effecting the IlioTibial Band found in your knee resulting in Runners knee. The excessive pronation can also cause tension in the shins which can cause painful shin splits so correcting pronation is important to do this your feet will need the right support to the arches of your feet and these inserts do just that! Our arch supports also help to both prevent or if you already are suffering from Plantar fasciitis treat it as well.

For Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is among one of the most common injuries sustained by runners and athletes however prevention is really quite easy. Providing your feet with the support that they need (particularity if you have fallen arches (flat feet) or high arches, which can further increase the risk of PF) can really help minimize your risk of getting plantar fasciitis.


People who are suffering from plantar fasciitis will have many different symptoms usually under the arch and the heel of the foot. This area will tend to be sore and painful if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Sufferers will also tend to find that the foot will feel tight and is worse first thing as they wake up and as they take their first steps this is because the plantar fascia is at its tightest as the foot. Getting back on your feet when your feet have not fully recovered can cause the PF to get worse. It is a good idea whilst you recover to do light exercises and foot stretches to restrengthen the ligaments of the foot and by wearing some arch support insoles as well will ensure you keep on your feet and keep your feet supported and weight that would otherwise cause further damage on the afflicted arch off. The arch support insoles help to give your feet a break whilst they recover but also give them room to re strengthen by themselves and keep you moving as well!

Causes of plantar fasciitis

If you suffer from high arches or flat feet your plantar fascia the tissue that makes up the structure of your feet can be much more tighter and less flexible than normal, this increases the risk of pulling and damaging the tissue. Better support can help put things back in your favour.

Overuse, pressure and shocks

Overuse and not warming up before physical activity can also cause plantar fasciitis so we advise a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises along with wearing our arch support insoles for the best results. Excess strain and pressure put on the plantar fascia can also be caused by obesity adding in a inactive lifestyle which can mean your plantar fascia is much less stronger than normal can also be a cause. Jumping straight into exercise though maybe a bad idea a gradual exercise program is recommended as the sudden shift to exercise could cause the plantar fascia to become pulled as it mayn’t be used to such stretching. Shocks can also play a part in weakening the plantar fascia this makes it less able to support your weight and increases the risk of PF.


  • Available in shoe sizes 3-7 and 7-11
  • Absorbs shock to help keep your feet protected whilst playing sports or running.
  • Lightweight, 3/4 in length making these orthotic insoles easily placed into wide range of different shoes.

Full Refund

If these insoles were not what you expected, you can return them to us and we will send you a fully refund but we are pretty sure this wont be the case!


George O | 2 reviews

Pretty glad I found these insoles. Iv bought plenty of cheap and expensive ones over the internet before which either hurt my feet more when I wore them or just were so flimsy and didn't do anything at all. But these orthotics are perfect!!! They are not too big either and fitted in perfectly into my small shoes and are light weight. Stopped my heel pain in its tracks and so lightweight to wear I often forget they are in my shoes. TOP NOTCH!
Jessie | 2 reviews

Great! Wish I knew about these before I went ahead and bought my expensive orthopedic shoes as there really is no need for them anymore (and orthopedic shoes looks really uncool). I need these because I suffer from aches and pain in my feet.. not because I have plantar fasciitis or anything like that just because of the tole of me rushing around and being on my feet all day for work. I would give these insoles even more stars if I could they are that good! They did just the job! All the best, Jessie.

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