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Benefits of wearing heel lifts

There is more than one reason why you might want to wear heel lifts. Adjustable heel lifts can be used for two functions that include;

  • Adjusting the height of one heel to correct leg length discrepancies
  • Adjusting the height on both heel lifts to increase height.

For height increase purposes heel lifts can be a perfect solution and far better than conventional high heels and elevator shoes designed to make you taller. This is because heel lifts are so comfortable to wear and instead of placing your foot and heel in a damaging and unnatural position that increases risk of strain and injury to the foot heel lifts instead.

Some people may not even wear heel lifts for height increase or for correcting leg length discrepancy but start wearing these lifts to help with the comfort of their shoes, as many types of heel lifts can off the foot comfort and support that ordinary shoes and insoles cannot. This is because orthotic technology has been incorporated into the heel lifts helping better support the feet more naturally whilst also taking strain and pressure off the foot. The gel that the heel lifts are made out of also acts as a shock absorber . Persistent shocks however small can overtime causes tissue damage to your tendons not only in your feet but also in your knees and legs. This can lead to tendonitis of the tendons, If left untreated it may get worse and can cause severe pain.

Heel lifts are also good at correcting biomechanical imbalances resulting inĀ  less strain and stress on the muscles and ligaments not only that a pair of lifts can also help improve balance as the gel molds to the shape of your foot and helps keep you stable.

These are just some of the great benefits of wearing heel lifts!



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  1. I have to say that I couldn’t live anymore without my lifts.. 3INCHES TALLER! (if I stop wearing them now people would wonder why I have shrank lol)…… and your so right they are so comfortable.

  2. I really like how you can adjust there height because I know my hawk eyed friends will easily spot something isnt right if I came into work a lot taller overnight. So what I ended up doing was slowly inch by inch every so often (probably over the course of 3 months) upped my height just that little bit… and that worked iv had no comments at all about how iv ended up taller than them all but they just assume iv grown naturally.. more fool them I say! HAHA! If you really want a proper way to grow taller I say all the garbage online, guides and ebooks telling you about growing taller.. like eating right or even taking human growth hormone pills is all complete a waste of time… especially human growth hormone pills now thats just plain dangerous. Took me a long time to find something that worked properly and I only wish I found these when I was younger would have saved me a lot of misery.


  3. I have mine on as we speak. I never take them off…. If I was a women (wich I am not!) and wearing high heels my feet would be killing me as they are always saying but nope no problem with shoe lifts ever for me! They are as good as gold… actually I think my shoes have actually gotten more comfortable since wearing em.

  4. At first I thought at best they would be just a novelty really and at worse they would just damage my feet but I was surprised when I started wearing these insoles. Honestly they actually do work. I was about to give up all my effort on being taller…… I had bought all the ebooks on the subject including all the idiot guide to growing taller books which just were a total waste of money.. those books were just full of obvious information total waste of money and didn’t help one bit (unless of course you used them to stand on to make your self taller). So glad these workd though!!!!!!! SO happy

  5. Something to also add is that heel lifts can also help stop the Iliotibial band found in your leg becoming tight and stretched out which can occur from a leg length discrepancy which would otherwise cause an increased risk of the overuse runners knee.