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  1. Okay, let me start off by saying to get rid of your foot pain you need to know exactly what is causing it otherwise you will be just going round in circles! Just wearing some insoles in the hope that it will go away wont help. For instance if your getting arch pain you might suffering because of lack of arch support in your insoles putting lots of stress on the plantar fascia.. so shock absorbing insoles aint gonna do it for you!

  2. stretching and strengthening the feet is the best way I found for preventing niggling pain in the feet….. Strong feet = dont get hurt as easily and wont get over stretched or succumb to overuse injuries as much like plantar fasciitis.

  3. What you need are some gel insoles that mold to shape of your foot giving you custom arch support and shock absorption.. they work every time and I cannot think of anything else that works as good! I think the ones I bought are still available here on In the name of sport somewhere..

  4. Oh this is an easy question, All you need to do is see a podiatrist, get a gait analysis to see how you walk and get some custom insoles fitted which match up with your own biometrics.. sorted.

    • @Clement, Custom insoles are not the best option actually because if you have support that matches exactly to your foot shape then your feet can become overly supported and your ligaments and muscles in your feet do not actually support them selves. It is best to get some fits all sizes insoles and keep swapping the orthotics around each week so that your feet dont get too comfortable (or rather a better word would be dependent) is a better solution. There are many scams out there fueling the snakeoil that you need expensive custom orthotics and a gait analysis when it isn’t needed at all.

      Just thought you should know 🙂

      • I agree with Curtis. I actually bought some custom insoles online from a running shop. hey told me to go to this place to get my feet analyzed and was sent my custom insoles a few days later… they were horrible and wrecked my feet totally when I went running because the support was too much even. I threw them out even though they cost me $100 and settled with buying some off shelf GEL soles instead which have been a lot lot better!

        I also find running barefoot helps too but not a good idea if you suffer from tendonitis as the shocks can travel straight to your tendons and wreck them even more.

  5. Use your feet more simple as that. If you find that your feet get tired and ache after being on them all day it is because they are weak.. though if the weakness isn’t due to inactivity of the foots muscles it can be because of old age and they are unable to cope under the pressure and shocks if that’s the case buy some insoles that absorb shock and also cushion the feet and stop pressure from building up. That is all you need to know in a nutshell 🙂 Simples.

    • Well it is not as simple as your making out Debrah D because there could loads of reasons why your might be having foot pain which isn’t just connected to inactivity and weakening of the feet.

        • Not necessarily you could have the strongest feet in the world but if for example your wearing ill fitted shoes that push your feet into a position they ought not be in or you quickly twist and end up spraining or tearing a ligament in your foot or ankle (remember you can injure other parts of your body and this can cause biomechincal imbalances and other issues to other parts of your body like your feet) this can all cause pain.

  6. Getting rid of tightness in the pain can really help prevent plantar fasciitis. I find that best way to do this is to get a bottle or a tennis ball and roll your arch on it!

    You can thank me later 🙂

  7. So many morons on forums especially running forums where they tell you oooh you need super feet or whatever dumb brand or that you need custom insoles. Well most big brands of insoles are just cheap garbage but you are paying tons more for the brand label plastered on them and the idiots telling you that you need custom insoles are probably just snake oil podiatrists scammers too out to grab your money…. £200+ for a gait analysis and a pair of custom insoles what a rip off especially when you feet dont need perfect support at all and having perfect support is actually pretty bad for your feet as your feet become just lazy and and will be getting weaker and weaker wont be able to support themselves.

  8. Something I should also add is that Iv had a a lot of experience with all of this suffering from sever foot pain for quite some time now I went and bought some super feet insoles which turned out to make everything loads worse I then went ahead and went to see a podiatrist who wanted me to spend £200 to get some custom fitted insoles which I did….. but my pain was still there!!! I went back to the podiatrist and didn’t give me back my money or explain why anything was wrong. I later threw out the garbage insoles and just focused on stretching and exercises for my feet and they eventually got strong enough and my pain went away… I have since just bought some shock absorbing gel insoles to stop the shocks as I run (which affects everyone who runs specially on hard surfaces like pavement.. you cant do anything apart from stopping the shock from reaching your feet like wearing gel insoles).