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How to grow taller

There are some ways that work for some but not everyone and the internet is awash with how to grow taller scams it is hard to know what to actually try.

We are setting up this page so you can share what has worked for you and what hasn’t! Simply comment below and help out others trying to get tall!


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  1. First of I would like to mention that human growth hormones should be avoided at all costs!

    They mess up your body’s chemical balance which is not good one bit! if you are buying them from online stores you run the risk of buying fakes which can be even more dangerous. Plus did I mention that pumping your body fully of human growth hormones will not do anything!

  2. I have always been small… it really isn’t good for your self confidence when people are always having jibes at your height. Looked online tried lots of different diets full of protein and what have you but didn’t see any really difference (felt more healthier though which was good). A few stretches and posture exercises really helped me but not that much… eventually I got some shoe lifts which actually did something noticeable and pretty much as soon as I started wearing them.

    • Did you use the adjustable shoe lifts? because I found when I was using the height increasing insoles that were a fixed height that people would question how and why I was so tall… though they didn’t figure out it was because of my insoles they just assumed I was wearing bigger heel shoes. I think next time for me its the adjustable ones!

      • Yeah I used the ones that you can put layered stacks on from here. Every month for like 3 months I would add a new stack on, my mates didn’t suspect anything. I think it works best when people dont already know you and know what height you should be but I seemed to even trick them too with doing the add layers every so often trick

  3. With everyone saying use height increasing insoles I would also say that for the best results dont just wear height increasing insoles but also do other things like improving your posture and wearing boots too.. because everything soon adds up for example

    Height increasing insoles will boost your height by 3inches max
    Improving your posture (depends on how bad it was) would increase your height by lets say another 1 inch
    big boots that probably might increase your height by 2 inches.

    So in total that is 6 inches!!!!! HAHA that is actually quite a lot!

  4. My tips would be in no particular order…

    1) Always try and walk as though there is a string on the top of your head pulling you upwards.
    2) Persistence. It can be hard to constantly be aware of your posture but after a while being aware of your posture those bad habits like slouching and hunching will soon go away.
    3)Wear big boots or elevator shoes. though it can be quite obvious to some people what your doing.. so if you dont want people seeing how your getting your height I would try my next way
    4)height increasing insoles… love these they are so good! Better than wearing huge boots or elevator shoes because they can be fitted into normal shoes and so nobody can see them as a result.. some people think that your heel will be coming out your shoe if you wear them but that’s not true at all and they are really comfortable and good for your feet considering they have orthotics in them.
    5)Eat a healthy balanced diet if you are still young and growing which should stop stunted growth.

    Hope this helps someone!


    • thank you I am going try these for my self! but you say be aware of your posture more but when i sit down im always hunching my back… even though I try and try is there anything I can do to physically stop my body falling into a bad slouching position?

      • Well what you could try is when your sat down for long periods you could start wearing a back support to keep your back straight. It is best not to wear them all the time because your back could start getting lazy and dependent on the support which you dont want because then when you take it off you will have even worse posture..

        • You can actually buy back support now that you can control the level of support and compression on them. So what you could do is start wearing them and slowly decrease the level of support on them to stop your back getting too dependent on the support. Hope this helps.

          John W

  5. I’m 21 does that mean that I am stuck at the height I am now? Some website I have been reading say that you can grow taller at any age if you take human growth hormone tablets? is this true or is it just a scam?


  6. Hi Matt, If I was you I would stay well away from those websites. Your body works through balance and if you start putting human growth hormone into your body you will displace the balance causing all sorts of side affects but not growth. This is because human growth hormone alone does not cause growth because for your body to grow you actually need other ingredients too and it is impossible to get the balance right and you will just be messing up your entire system. Plus with your age at 21 it is most likely that your growth plates have fused together making bone lengthening impossible.
    Hope this helps… try the other methods listed above which should help and are much safer!

    • Hello can I just add for others that it should also be noted that taking human growth hormone at a young age when your growth plates haven’t fused to boost growth is still a bad idea and can actually causes stunted growth as your body does not naturally produce its own human growth hormone

  7. Though not really a way to help others I will say (not trying to show off or anything) that after having a growth spurt all of a sudden in my late teens and now reaching just above average height it really does help with your self esteem. I was lucky and didn’t really have to do anything for my height but if you are small I would definitely try something and keep at it because it really is worth it. 🙂

  8. Cannot believe nobody has mentioned hanging from a bar yet. It is an awesome exercise which does stretch out your spine… increase back muscle strength and thus your muscles in your back can support your spine better improving your posture and decreasing the compression of gravity on gaps in between the verts in your spine. Do this each do just hanging and doing pull ups, trust me you will soon feel and see a difference. Done!

  9. Wow if you search this on Google you just a load of rubbish for results.. I’m currently on page 20 and so far have not found anything but spam. Honestly tons of cruddy blogspot blogs just written by people in third world countries trying to sell you the idiots guide to growing taller… or even worse trying to sell you some dodgy pills or supplements.

  10. Ouch was reading about leg length surgery today where they break your legs then put your legs in a clamp with a bit of a space between the broken bones and let your legs grow into the space. Ouch… I bet tons of things can go wrong with that like if your bones dont grow properly plus surely you will be weakening the bones to if you keep on breaking your legs?

  11. DON’T SIT AROUND! sitting around all day plays havoc on your back trust me! Don’t sit but stand when your on the computer.. buy a desk which you can adjust the height on so you can stand and be on the computer instead.. that’s what I do. Plus it is better for your circulation as well.

  12. Some really interesting ideas. What I know is that if you do all what people are saying here and if you have back pain then it should really help with your back pain too.. I used have some really bad back pain because I used to hunch all the time but after doing a month doing pull ups and hangs on a bar that seemed to go away and I am pretty sure it made me look taller too.. though very minimal so im not 100% sure if it did or if it didn’t.