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Why do you need a knee support?

Knee supports help to give your knees an extra level of protection and support whilst playing sport as well as giving you better peace of mind helping with your own confidence as you play as you worry less about injury and put more focus onto your sport.

Knee supports have been proven and recommended for quite sometime because of their effectiveness at reducing injury in sport. This is because knee supports support and compress the knee helping reduce overuse of leg and knee tendons such as the Ilio Tibial Band. Ilio Tibial Band friction syndrome (runners knee) which is quite a deliberating condition to have caused when the band of tissue known as your Ilio Tibial Band gets inflamed and damaged through friction often the result of tightness in the Ilio Tibial Band and through overuse. However knee supports have been proven to reduce the friction through compression of the Ilio Tibial Band as well as supporting and improving form and the function of the knee joint helping to minimize over usage and incorrect usage of the knee which would otherwise lead to injury. This is just of the ways wearing a knee support can help prevent injury in sport. There are plenty other knee injuries that you can sustain in sport runners knee is just the tip of the ice berg!

A knee support can also be worn to help with recovery if it is too late.  Resting an injured knee is vital in your recovery. Going back to normal to soon can prove to prolong the injury or make it worse. Not moving the knee until it is fully recovered and not putting it under anymore stress or tension is the best way and the quickest way to recover. Wearing a support of brace helps keep pressure and shocks from further damaging the weakened knee which will be more susceptible to further wear and tear.


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  1. What would you recommend I should buy as I am currently suffering from runners knee myself? Is it always best to go for the most expensive ones? thanks.

    • There really is no need to buy a specialized (or for that matter expensive) support as you just need to have one that works and provides your knee with the right support and protection that is the most comfortable for you.

  2. Thanks for the article. I found that knee supports helped my knees better than squats or strengthening did. I have quite strong knees and can squat my whole body weight however I still was getting clicking pain in my knees.. it was only until I got a support that it all seemed to stop.. maybe though it was because it correcting my running form which was the problem or something like that. Anyway just thought id say that as some physio people tell you on forums and what not that the best cure is exercise when really sometimes it aint… especially when it comes to overuse injuries like these as exercise could make the inflammation a lot worse.