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Why you shouldnt wear DIY insoles

There is a new trend to start wearing heat molded insoles that you make yourself for a custom fit! However wearing DIY homemade insoles that you make yourself can be a bad idea (also stuffing your shoes with wool or other materials when they are cold can also be bad for your feet) even if it does save a little bit of money in the long run you can damage your feet  and here are a few reasons why this is a bad idea.

If you decide to make your own insoles (even heat molded insoles) they will either give your feet too much support or inadequate support.

Using insoles that do not fit your feet properly which will usually be the case if you make your own can cause imbalances and alignment issues in your feet which can cause excessive strain and tightness in your ligaments which can result in injury. Not only that but it can put pressure on fragile ligaments in your foot and cause degeneration leading to osteoarthritis as the ligaments become more weakened and exposed.

Insoles like the ones you can buy here on In The Name Of Sport have been designed specially to absorb shocks and to target specific areas of the foot giving them just the right amount of support.

Custom insoles can be just as bad for your feet too because they can be too supportive and do not let your feet support themselves.

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  1. I once tried making some wool insoles simply by stuffing my shoes full of wool (it was a pretty cold day)… it didn’t help at all insulate my feet and because I was walking on it the wool all bunched up and starting hurting my arch as I walked on it. So not a good idea.

  2. Cool I agree…..Another point to mention is that you need to buy lots of heat moldable insoles because you only have one shot at it.. so you might think that you are saving money but after a couple practice runs you will find that your have wasted a whole lot more. Trust me I know. and I didn’t like how the soles supported my feet at the end of it all either! 🙁