Height Insoles

Height Insoles

Ever wanted to be taller? Now you can! Here you can find our super range of height increase products which provide a simple yet really effective way for anyone to appear much taller than they actually are. These insoles which are discreet, light weight and comfortable to wear not to mention the safest way you can try to increase your height around could also help to give you a boost in not just your height but your confidence too!

We have 3 different types of insoles that you can put in your shoes to make you taller which are Height increasing insoles, shoe lifts and heel lifts!

Stretching exercises and diet can only get you so far. Once you reach a certain age and your growth plates fuse together in your bones means that there really isn’t much you can do to get taller unless you opt for surgery which can be dangerous! Shoe lifts help to give you up to 3inches more height and the lifts are made to be as discreet as possible, in fact nobody will be able to guess your wearing them as unlike elevator shoes or high heels with the obvious heels that everyone can see!

Our heel lifts can also be used for Leg length discrepancies too! Heel lifts aren’t just for height increase but also can be worn for correcting leg length discrepancy, because heel lifts are used to correct leg length discrepancy which is a medical condition where one leg is longer than the other means that the lifts must be as comfortable as possible this is why orthotic support has been added to out our heel lifts to help eliminate any discomfort and to provide unparalleled support and stability to the foot. With comfort and protection from shocks and pressures that can damage the feet you will be able to wear our heel lifts all day with no problems! The lifts can be adjusted in height simply by attaching new layers (or taking away to reduce height) to the heel lifts helping you the right height of heel that is most comfortable for you!

With a 30 day money back guarantee with all our height increase products means if you are not 100% happy with the results or you are having any problems with any of the inserts you can return them with no questions asked and get a full refund!

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