Gel Orthaheel Cups

Gel Orthaheel Cups

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If you suffer from heel pain after being on your feet all day then a pair of these heel cups maybe just what you need!

Orthaheels help to reduce excessive pronation in the foot that can often lead to tightness and pressure on the arches which is linked to plantar fasciitis. These orthotic inserts also pad the heel of the foot and have been proven to be really beneficial to peoples foot health who wear them by giving supportive protection, as the gel design enables these heel cups to mould to the shape of your heel and will help to cushion, spread pressure from under the heel and absorb shocks. Being on your feet all day or playing sport can cause these pressure and shocks over period of time to cause long term damage and injury to the heel and foot, but by absorbing these shocks and minimizing pressure on the heel just by wearing these orthaheels can help to reduce the risk of arthritis, tendinitis of the Achilles heel and other heel and foot injuries.

The orthaheel cups can be quickly inserted into a range of different footwear of your choice, from sport trainers to high heels for quick, light weight and effective heel comfort!


  • Gel orthaheel cups are great for preventing and easing heel pain keeps harmful pressure from damaging your feet and heels by spreading pressure from under the heel
  • Protects your heels and feet from damaging shocks by absorbing shocks as you walk, run or jump.
  • The silicone gel actively moulds to the shape of your feet for massaging comfort and comfortable support.
  • Easily and quickly slips into any shoes of your choice.
  • Lightweight so you can stay light on your feet.
  • Cushions around your heel helping provide you with better footing and balance.
  • Grips to the bottom of the sole of your shoes so the gel heel cups don’t move.
  • Helps to take the strain off the Achilles tendon and prevents it from becoming tight increasing the risk of over stretching and inflammation which can cause injuries such as Achilles tendinitis as well as plantar fasciitis, as the Achilles tendon is attached to the plantar fascia potentially leading to tightening of the arch resulting in arch pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • These orthotics also help to correct bio-mechincal and muscle imbalances. These imbalances are a very common cause to heel pain and injury.
  • If you find that these heel cups arent right for you then you can always return them to us within 30 days and get your money back! You can use this form here for a refund.
Marcus | 2 reviews

Just the best heel grips ever!
Suzzie | 2 reviews

Can tell the difference. Completely cured my aching feet that I used to get at the end of the day non stop on them. Tried some other pads to help from other sites but I didn't like them because they would just slip around in my shoes constantly... these ones though grip and dont move. Not too heavy and not too shabby and happy I got some!

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