Gel Shoe Lifts

Gel Shoe Lifts

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Boost your height as well as your self-esteem along the way by buying a pair of our shoe lifts! Which you can put in any shoes you want! They provide you with comfortable heel elevation which you can adjust when you want too! Supports your feet, spreads pressure from under your heels and absorbs shock so that you are able to be tall all day without any discomfort whatsoever!


  • Up to 3inches can be added to the heel
  • If you are feeling insecure about your height then these shoe lifts are just what you need.
  • Get to height you feel most comfortable at. By adding layers to the heels or taking them away to reach the height you want to be at. This feature can also be used to help correct leg legth discrepancies.
  • Unnoticeable... people simply cannot tell your wearing them at all!
  • Unlike stretching exercises (doing stretches is recommended and can be combined with wearing these lifts for the best possible results), wearing a pair of these soles gives you a instant no effort boost in height!
  • You pick what shoes you want to wear them in and quickly and really simply insert them in! Far better than elevator shoes which are expensive and nor do they give you the discreetness, comfort or choice of footwear shoe lifts gives you either.
  • Can be used to give yourself a height advantage in sports such as basketball.
  • Really comfortable to wear, elevates your heel naturally and comfortably using orthotic technology to support your heel and foot properly stopping foot pain!
  • Light weight and made from gel which cushions the feet and absorbs shock.
  • One size fits all.
  • These shoe lifts come like all fo our products with a full money back guarantee for 30 days of purchase. This means that within 30 days you can return them back to us and get all your money back with no questions asked!

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Happy guy! | 2 reviews

I'm so happy I got these insoles... iv been looking everywhere for some way to make my self grow taller to no avail... all the information I found on the net was just scams or really pointless and obvious stuff like eat fruit and vegetables which isn't very useful at all and doesn't actually make you tall! With these and a bit of stretching I managed to reach 6ft... though I think its mainly thanks to these insoles as stretching only increased my height a little bit if anything (though it is always good to have good posture for back health). Really am so happy! Gonna buy some more right now for all my other shoes. Like these better than other ones on this site because they aren't too wide so can fit into small narrow shoes if needs be plus you can increase and decrease the height as you like!
A happy chappy! | 2 reviews

With these on im no longer looking up to people but im looking down on people (literally... I am not being snobbish here). I wish some one told me about shoe lifts sooner because they are brilliant inventions. And if you are worried that they will hurt or damage your feet then dont because I have had no trouble what so ever with mine and in fact the lifts have made my feet a whole lot more comfortable to be honest. I think that it has something to do with the gel design and how it molds slightly to your foot shape and stop shock from damaging your feet.

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