Long Lasting Heel Grips

Long Lasting Heel Grips

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If your shoes are just too big for you and you find yourself slipping around in your shoes then our heel grips are just what you need! Constant slipping around in your shoes can cause friction on your toes and feet this can cause bunions to develop.

  • Similar to an adhesive sticker, heel grips help to stick your feet to your shoes and prevent slipping and rubbing inside your shoes.
  • Long lasting, the heel grips will last a long time.
  • Made out of suede material making them comfortable, lightweight and flexible to wear.
  • If your feet are constantly slipping and moving around in your shoes this can cause friction and rubbing on your toes and feet which is a common cause of blisters and bunions.
  • Can be placed in any type of shoe.
  • Flexible design so you can stick them anywhere in your shoes!
  • Helps keep your feet stable!
  • Great for high heels!

If these heel grips did not work for you or you are not happy with your item you can send them back to us and get a full refund. You can also leave a review and tell us what you think!


jess | 1 reviews

These are super! Before I was always worried about slipping in my high heels and spraining my ankle but not any more. Other heel grips I used would not grip my feet enough and would wear out to fast and had to keep on replacing them but these seem to last forever.

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