Open Patella Knee Support Brace

Open Patella Knee Support Brace

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Encouraged by physiotherapists and used for treatment for helping those recover from a knee injury. Knee supports help to provide those who have suffered a knee injury for instance a Anterior (ACL) or Posterior (PCL) cruciate ligament injury, runners knee, a torn knee cartilage or are suffering from Knee arthritis, those suffering from these injuries will tend to have weakened knees and ligaments making them even more susceptible to further damage and injury. By wearing a Knee support helps to provide the affected knee with comfort, support and stability where you need it most, as well as helping keep pressure off the injured knee and restrict movement which may potentially be harmful to the knee and hamper with recovery. Knee supports can also help ease the pain of the injury and help those suffering recover much faster.

Knee supports are also used to help improve the movement and function of the knee which in turn helps to prevent such injuries from occurring. Our supports have also helped take away unnatural and harmful stresses and pressures from the knee, these harmful stresses and pressures would have other wise caused damage to the knee, the supports do this by correcting bio-mechanical imbalances in the knee from support and compression which have been connected to cause injuries and conditions such as Arthritis of the knee.

Over stretching of the ligaments found in the knee can be quite common in sports and is the biggest cause of knee pain and injury. Our knee supports help maintain good form when running and playing sports to help lower the risk of over stretching and over exerting the knee. By promoting good movement of the knee and restricting bad and harmful movement.

(Those suffering with any sort of pain in the knees should first consult a Doctor before wearing a knee support)


  • Made form lightweight and flexible Neoprene our knee supports offer comfortable support and protection whilst playing sports (For example football, where a lot of twisting and turning maybe involved which can increase the chances of damaging ligaments and tissues in the knee).
  • Can be quickly strapped to the knee and adjusted to the right fit.
  • Helps to keep the knee secure and stable.
  • Just the right amount of compression to help reduce inflammation and swelling around the knee and joints and also helps to circulate blood flow.
  • Helps encourage flexibility aswell as improving stability in the knee.
Daviiid | 1 reviews

For only £9.99 these knee supports are marvelous! I have tried some before that cost me around £50 from another site and they does not compare to this one. The more expensive ones I tried promised me so much but at the end of the day didn't seem to do anything plus they were really bulky and would dig into my knee cap and would continually move around and cause friction on my knee which was really annoying and useless! These ones are lightweight, strap on easily and actually help support my knee and you can actually feel the difference when wearing it! Unlike the other one this aint a placebo.

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