Orthotic knee Support
Orthotic knee Support

Orthotic knee Support

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Specially designed for runners these orthotic Knee supports help to keep the knee in correct form whilst running, as well as supporting and protecting the knee joints and ligaments from shocks and jolts as your run.

These knee supports have been proven to help prevent and treat a wide range of injuries and condtions including:

Jumpers knee causes knee pain which gets worse through usage of the knee. Jumpers knee is also called Patella Tendoniitis that is caused by persistent sudden jolts and shocks to the knee causing it to become inflamed and damage to occur usually through sport activity. A similar and more common injury is Patella Tendinopathy which is slightly different as it is caused by the degeneration (usually linked to ageing and causes microscopic damage to the knee) of the Patella ligament tissue also has the same affect and symptoms on the knee. Both Patella Tendoniitis and Tendinopathy over time weakens the ligament tissue of the Patella tendon as microscopic tears and holes start to form on the tissue.

Runners knee (Ilio Tibial Band Friction Syndrome), is caused by over use of the knees Ilio Tibial Band which causes it to inflame. Overusing the Ilio Tibial Band whilst running or cycling is very common especially if you suffer from a knee alignment or muscle imbalance, our knee supports help to support your knee and correct imbalances in the knee which may cause excessive tension and increase likelihood of inflammation of the Ilio Tibial Band. Shock absorbing insoles can also have a positive effect on reducing shocks reaching and damaging the knee.

ACL anterior cruciate ligament (which results in pain and instability in the knee) is caused by twisting the knee suddenly or by direct force that can damages or sprain the the crucicate ligament found in your knee joint. Acl knee injuries are extremely common in sport. A knee support can help better protect your knee by helping you to maintain correct knee form whilst running and ensuring the knee does twist suddenly. These orthotic supports also help to restore stability in the knee after a acl injury.

Knee arthritis commonly caused by the degeneration of the knee joint. Arthritis of the knee can be either caused by ageing or through injury and causes pain, stiffness and swelling to the knee. If left untreated can lead to severe pain in the knee which can lead those suffering to lose mobility and flexibility in their knees.

Better stability and by preventing shocks from reaching and causing further wear and tear by wearing orthotic supports both on the knee and on the the feet can help stop further degeneration and relieve symptoms.

These are just some of the most common knee injuries that can be prevented as well as helped treated by wearing our knee supports.


  • Easily slipped around your knee providing you with perfect support and comfort whilst wearing the brace.
  • Works with the mechanics of your knee joint to improve movement and function.
  • Great for keeping your knee warm in cold weather by trapping heat in and circulating blood around the knee.
  • Helps ease swelling through compression after a injury.
  • Keeps your knee in the correct form
  • Relieves pain after injury to the knee
  • Helps ease arthritis pain in the knee joint
  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight and made from top quality durable material

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Robert | 1 reviews

I decided on buying this knee support to help with my recovery after sustaining an acl knee injury in football (I basically jumped up to head the ball and then landed on my leg and twisted it whilst it was extended). I have not been able to play football for quite a while since and needed something that would help me get back into it and that where this knee support came in. This support has really helped me, the compression really does help to ease pain , protects and helps to restrict twisting of the knee which would otherwise cause injury. High recommend this product! Thanks.

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