Orthotic Sports Insoles

Orthotic Sports Insoles

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Our specially made orthotic insoles are designed for sports and running. The insoles have been purposefully built to help support and ease tension of the feet in sports where the increase in pressure and shocks to the feet causes a higher chance on injury.

Great for helping prevent or ease foot, heel, shin, knee and back pain by better supporting these areas and there supporting muscles. Pain in these areas often occur due to abnormal loads which is put on the tissue and ligaments found in these areas which is often brought on by bio-mechnical imbalances. Our insoles help to restore and stabilize the foot helping ease and reduce the damaging effects these abnormal loads have on the affected tissue and ligaments and help to restore bio-mechincal balance through better support.

If you suffer from foot pain and cramps under your heel or arch of your foot whilst running our insoles maybe exactly what you need!


  • Running can put immense pressure on the arches of your feet. If you suffer from having flat feet or high arches this can further add to the strain on the arches of your feet as these conditions can lead to over or under pronation of the feet which can over stretch the plantar fascia increasing the risk of inflammation (plantar fasciitis). These insoles help to correct pronation of the foot and ensure that the arch of your foot is well supported helping to combat overuse and over stretching of the plantar fascia which are among the main causes of plantar fasciitis.
  • Running can also cause shocks and jolts which can damage ligaments and tissues in your feet. These shocks and jolts can also travel up through to your shins, knees, legs and even up to your back and cause damage. With the in built shock absorption these insoles have these shocks are absorbed and the damage these shocks can have reduced.
  • Cushioned in design, helping to keep you stable when you run and great at Spreading pressure under your heel as you run helping to prevent heel pain by spreading pressure under your heel, this also helps reduce the strain on your shins too helping prevent shin splints.
  • These insoles are highly recommended by physiotherpists for sports and running which can put your feet under abnormal pressures, shocks and movement.
  • Made from long lasting, flexible gel foam which is light weight and wont weight you down as you run!
  • Easily inserts into just about any type of shoes for fast comfort in any of your footwear of your choice!


Harry | 2 reviews

Makes running a piece of cake for me... No pain stopping me no more!!!
Rob | 2 reviews

I use these all the time when I play football they truly are real a life saver for me as before at the end of a game my feet would be killing me now I dont have that anymore. Would recommended them to anyone.. quite cheap compared to other orthotic inserts I have seen online but probably better than most others I have tried.

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