Shock Absorbing Sport Insoles

Shock Absorbing Sport Insoles

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Specially designed to help your feet better cope under the pressures and shocks you put them under in sports.

  • Cushions the foot and spreads pressure making running on hard surfaces far more comfortable and stops pressure under the sole of the foot from building up and damaging the tissues and ligaments in the foot and heel.
  • Added Orthotic technology better supports your feet than regular insoles do by supporting the feet a natural position which helps reduces risk of injury as the feet are strained less and are better able to function how they have been designed to.
  • Restores muscle balance and corrects pronation in the feet reducing strain on the arches.
  • Supports and actively protects the feet from shock. Our sports insoles also help minimize the shock that can be created when running or jumping from travelling up through your legs which could otherwise cause or worsen Patellar Tendonitis (jumpers knee). This can also help relieve foot and heel pain and stop damage to the sole and heel of the foot.
  • Keeps your feet in the correct shape as you run, which is especially important when playing sports as correct placement of your foot can prevent foot cramp and minimize risk of a sprained ankle.
  • Gives you more balance and stability as you run.
  • These soles have been made from eva.
  • Can be worn for sports use or for everday use!
  • Above all these insoles are lightweight and comfortable to wear!

Fits up to shoe size 10. Quickly Trim the sole to the required size for perfect custom fit.

Pter Jackson | 3 reviews

Always got mine in my shoes couldn't live without them!
Steven | 3 reviews

Started wearing these shock absorbing soles not for my feet but instead for my knees! I have been suffering recently with what is known as knee tendonitis where shocks starts eating away at your patella tendon in your knee and eventually it causes holes to appear on the tendon and gradually gets worse and the pain gets worse to from it. I found these insoles really good at stopping the shocking coming up to my knees and hurting them as I run and play sport. The soles are so comfortable for my feet to and I found that I don't suffer from foot cramps as often too! :)
Chris | 3 reviews

I couldn't play football without these soles, they are that good and have helped so much after I got plantar fasciitis! Started wearing them after started getting heel pain in my left foot which got worse and worse as time went on... so I went to see a doctor who told me I had plantar fasciitis.. and advised I rest my feet for a couple weeks and if I play football or run again I should start wearing some orthotic insoles and I picked these and I haven't had any problem as of yet and they have really helped me!

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