Shoulder Support Brace

Shoulder Support Brace

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Shoulder supports are an excellent option for those who have injured their shoulder and need extra support and compression to help, reduce further injury to the weakened shoulder, ease pain or improve function and mobility of the shoulder.

Our Shoulder supports help support the shoulder in a natural and comfortable position preventing strain and limits the shoulder from falling into a into a position which may cause damage and injury to the shoulder and surrounding muscles.


  • By providing compression to the shoulder helps alleviate swelling and improve blood flow to the injured shoulder aiding recovery.
  • Helps with weakened shoulders after injuries such as dislocation.
  • Enhances movement, flexibility and mobility of the shoulder. By adjusting the compression and resistance the wearer can slowly regain strength in their shoulder after injury. This is due to the resistance the supports provide and put on the muscles in the shoulder which help to exercise the weakened muscles through movement of the shoulder which in turn restrengthens these muscles supporting the shoulder.
  • Restricts movement which could put the shoulder under stress and pressures which maybe damaging whilst encouraging and promotes natural and maintains correct movement and positioning of the shoulder, which can also help prevent further injury.
  • One size fits all. Easily straps onto your shoulder and adjusted in fit. Made to be lightweight, flexible and very comfortable to wear. Great for sports or everyday use.

(You must not strap the shoulder brace on too tight as this could cause discomfort and potentially restrict blood flow to the shoulder and arm which may cause DVT)

Greg | 1 reviews

After dislocating my shoulder in rugby and after lots of physio I started wearing this brace (though I had tried some others before I bought this one... which cost more money but were too bulky and didn't really seem to do much) when I was finally ready to get back playing. They have been great and I have no complaints. My main concern was before buying a shoulder brace was that I didn't want it moving around or it to be too heavy and bulky when I play rugby but it doesn't move around and is quite lightweight, to be honest I sometimes forget I am wearing it. All in all I am glad I got this! Thanks.

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