Sock Insoles For More Height

Sock Insoles For More Height

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Have you ever wanted to be taller? The only way to be taller is to improve your posture through stretching (which is slow and a lot of hard work for minimum results) or to wear high heels/elevator shoes which can be obvious, uncomfortable and expensive.

Now you can, and you don’t even have to wear shoes.. with our in sock height increasing insoles!


  • No waiting around to grow! No stretching needed either!
  • Fast and easy height as soon as you start wearing them.
  • Very discreet. With no tell tale signs such as big heels means no awkward questions from your friends!
  • Wear them with or without shoes!
  • Far more comfortable to wear than high heels or elevator shoes and with built in arch support actually helps keep your feet supported and protected whilst you are wearing them.
  • Arch support helps to stop foot injuries (such as plantar fasciitis) and damage to the foot.
  • Just put them inside your socks and you are ready to go!


Micheal | 1 reviews

I just got mine in the post today and now wearing them about the house just in my socks and without shoes on. The best way to describe the extra height they give you is that they give you the same level of height boots can give you but without wearing your boots! Finding the insoles really lightweight, made out out of gel I think and this little bump where the arch support is that helps stop my arch from getting tight and stiffening up. Overall id say these are perfect for a little extra height. Nobody knows in my house that I have them on but they are all wondering how and why iv suddenly gotten taller!

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